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Our Team

Sandhya Sriram

Chief Visionary & Dreamer

Sandhya is a scientist-entrepreneur-manager-journalist. She is a science enthusiast and wears many hats – Programme Manager at SBIC, A*STAR; co-founder and author, Biotechin.Asia; startup mentor at Vertical VC; and a mother of a very active and inquisitive toddler. Sandhya holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and lives in Singapore. Multi-tasking and good time management is her key to success. She is fond of good vegetarian food and loves to travel.

Mahantesh Biradar

Chief Rainmaker

Mahantesh is a science graduate, extremely passionate about Business Development and Digital Marketing. He was part of a SaaS startup as a social media strategist. He is also an author for Biotechin.Asia, and writes on biotech and healthcare related startups.

Rajeshwari Ogirala

Marketing Manager

Rajeshwari is experienced in people and service management. She was previously associated with Bank of America Continuum Solutions and Bosch Thermo-technique. In her experience with these organizations, she worked as a trainer, quality coach, team leader-operations, industrial market researcher and analyst. She loves to work in team engaging activities, driving organizational initiatives and programs and believes in one thing at a time. She adopts and embraces Six Sigma methodology in any task.

Meet our Interns

SciGlo has wonderful and talented interns on board. We work together to learn from each other.

If you would like to join us, drop us an email at info[at]sciglo[dot]com

Our Advisors

Kashmira Chawak

Kashmira is the founder of Storyboard Communications. She has worked in different spheres of communications including journalism, marketing, and corporate communications. She specializes in marketing and PR for tech startups and has extensively worked with clients in India and Singapore. A strong proponent of gender equality, she also sits on the board of Singapore Female founders.

Dr. Ann-Marie Chacko

Dr. Ann-Marie Chacko is an Assistant Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School in the Cancer & Stem Cell Biology Program. She also Heads the Laboratory for Translational and Molecular Imaging (LTMI), a core facility at Duke-NUS. She completed her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in Pharmacology with a focus in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences. Her team leads translational efforts focused on bringing in vivo molecular imaging agents to the clinic as diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer, infection, inflammation, and brain and immune function.

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