SciGlo Student Ambassador Program

As a SciGlo Student Ambassador, you’ll be taking an active role in bringing SciGlo to your campus. This is a great opportunity for personal development and to create a positive impact in your campus.

Location: Remote/On your Campus

What does it take to be a SciGlo Student Ambassador?

  • Enrolled in Bachelors, Masters, PhD program or other related programs in a University/Institute
  • Subscriber of SciGlo and a science enthusiast. If you have not subscribed yet, do it now @!
  • Be socially savvy and be able to reach out to the student population!
  • Interested in Startups, Biz Dev & Marketing, Science
  • Have a great online presence on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

What do YOU get out of this?

  • You will have early access to the latest features of SciGlo
  • A letter of recommendation from the founder of SciGlo
  • Opportunity to connect with experts from various fields in science
  • An opportunity to fine tune communication, written, marketing, event organization skills
  • Accumulate more SciGlo points - Privilege to be listed as student ambassador of the month on social media outlets and on
  • Gain experience of working with a startup and obtain exclusive career guidance from our team members
  • Add valuable experience to your RESUME!

What do you actually have to do?

  • Represent SciGlo at their university to build relationships and value for members
  • Increase the subscribers base on SciGlo ( and our social media platforms
  • Invite professors and scientists to list their labs on the lab rating platform
  • Encourage students and scientists to upload protocols on to the database and earn SciGlo points
  • Increase student engagement on the platform
  • Continually seeks opportunities to develop SciGlo's brand profile, image and credibility in and around campus and within the student community

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